Surrealist digital art

My work begins with 3D and/or AI images and is heavily edited from that point with overlays, grunge features, adjustments and found elements old and new. My work always begins and ends with surrealism, and along the way leans heavily on pre-Raphaelite, Renaissance, Flemish, and Medieval schools of art, as well as pop surrealism. The end product has a modern quality while staying true to older schools. Finished work is printed on sturdy art paper with great attention to detail and color correctness. Artwork is signed and numbered 1 to 40. If you would prefer a larger format, please message. Feel free to peruse my Instagram page (@alisasmithwilliams); if you see something there that you do not see here, please message for a listing. All work is shipped free in the U.S. Thanks so much for visiting my gallery!

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